"Goto Anything" is super slow in Sublime Text

Recently, I started using laravel framework (I know, I should have used before). Actually I used 4.0 once and was out of update. Back to the topic, I'm the big fan of Sublime text. However, I found that the "Goto ..." function would be super slow after you setup the whole framework. It caused by searching bunch of files of packages. Although you may check out those files sometimes, most of time we don't. That is, we don't want Sublime Text to find in those files which slows down the performance. The solution is excluding those vendors by adding the settings below:

"binary_file_patterns": [".jpg", ".jpeg", ".png", ".gif", ".ttf", ".tga", ".dds", ".ico", ".eot", ".pdf", ".swf", ".jar", "*.zip", "vendor/**", "node_modules/**", ".certs/**"] // notice the last 3 items 'vendor/**' etc... this is the magic.

Of course, you can custom the pattern by yourself. It's all up to you. Hope your ST get back the usual performance.
More details: https://forum.sublimetext.com/t/goto-anything-is-very-slow/10206/15.